7 Winter Facts

7 Winter facts that will blow your mind

Posted by - December 13, 2017
Ok, so we all know that winter is an amazing time of year. During winter you get colder and shorter days and in the Northern hemisphere, you can expect Santa…
Bruno Jacob (Jetski) - Featured Profile

Jet ski – Bruno Jacob – Featured Profile

Posted by - November 28, 2017
If you have the need for speed and pushing yourself to the limits then you will have an instant connection with Bruno (Bruno from Brazil) who is the vice-world champion…
Toddlers snowboarding

Toddlers that Shred the Slopes Snowboarding

Posted by - November 27, 2017
In most instances they might be annoying, slowly making their way down the mountains, obstructing everyone and crying when they fall over but there is something really cute about toddlers…
Man Eating Sausage

Being Outdoors Could Give you Better Erections!

Posted by - November 23, 2017
For many men, when thinking about impotence the word outdoors doesn’t really come to mind. It’s a frustrating experience but once again mother nature is out to the rescue and…