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Kerið Crater 0

Kerið Crater

WHOA hey, ma’ it’s a hole in the ground… all jokes aside, Kerið is actually a very impressive crater and being on the road to Selfoss if you are heading there after a day of...

Geysir 0

Geysir Hot Springs

One of the only places on earth where thousands of people film 3 min of nothing to get 5 seconds of good footage. The one and only Geysir (I mean Strokkur) in Iceland. One...

Gullfoss, the Golden Waterfalls in Iceland 0

Gullfoss the Golden Waterfalls of Iceland

Gullfoss, One of Iceland’s most popular Waterfalls. Smack bang right in the centre of the Golden Circle and only an hour and a half drive from Reykjavik. If you are planning on going to...

Þingvellir National Park 0

Þingvellir National Park

Ever hear of a place called Iceland? If yes then you probably also know about Þingvellir National Park. One of Iceland’s biggest attractions and there is a reason for it.

Smoke on Water 0

Smoke on Water

So as you drive through Iceland you will come across many places that have steam rising above the ground. And to tell you the truth, this place isn’t much different. There’s hot water, there’s...

Echo Point 0

Echo Point

This place took me by surprise, I stopped here for the view but stayed here for the Echo. The way I found out about this place was when I came here I heard a...