7 Camping Hacks

7 Camping Hacks that will forever change the way you camp

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Camping can easily be one of the most enjoyable activities out in the bush. Sitting around a fire, hanging with a few mates, drinking beers, showing of your best gear. Needless to say at times it can also be a huge pain in the ass. That is why I compiled this awesome list of absolutely genius camping hacks which can make your next trip go from good to unforgettable. Check them out below:

1. Create your own Lantern

Pick up any see through liquid container (empty or full of liquid), strap your head torch or phone to it, light it up on and voila, you have just created a lantern which will scatter light throughout your campsite. Colorful containers can also be used. They will give your campsite and interesting mood.

Makeshift LanternSource: Rachael Moore

2. DIY tick repellent

Nothing more annoying than returning back to your campsite to find that you are covered in these nasty little insects. Luckily for you a simple mixture of 1 parts tea tree oil to 2 parts water should help keep the ticks away.

ticksSource: John Tann

3. Use Tic Tac boxes to store your food spices

Due to them being see through, sturdy, light weight and reusable they are extremely versatile for camping. You can easily store your spices, medication even a mini sowing kit. Plus your breath will smell minty fresh for when you take out your lady into the wild.

tic tacs
Source: Seattle Sundries

4. Cut up straws and use them as single-use packets

Simply cut up a straw, fill it up with antibiotics, toothpaste or any other substances you need and seal the ends with a lighter and a squeeze. This will make it super easy to help you ration your supplies.

Single Use ointment packetsSource: Brian Green

5. Estimate how much time you have before sunset

A simple technique to determine an approximate amount of sunlight before nightfall is in the palm of your hands. When you outstretch your arm, close your fingers and place it between the sun and the horizon it will give you a simple estimate. Each finger being 15 min. This is perfect because it helps you determine if you have enough time to set up camp in the daylight or if you will require to get the camp lantern out.

estimate sunlight
Source: Milos Golubovic

6. Waxed cardboard fire starters (waxxy)

There are many types of fire starters available, but if you are looking for a free, lightweight, and slow burning fire starter you can’t go past the Waxed cardboard. Cut up a waxed cardboard into strips and pack in a waterproof container. When its time to use it, just light it up and it should give you enough fuel to get your fire going.

Waxed Carboard BoxSource: Brigat

7. Para-chord

Rope is by far the most versatile camping tool out there. Using rope you can create other tools, erect shelter, build traps… The list goes on and on. Para-chord is rope, just thin, lightweight and super strong. You could easily carry 10m and barely even notice it in your backpack.

Para-chordSource: Incrediblethots
Featured Image Source: Source: Amalakar

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