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7 High Energy Foods to Warm you up During Winter

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Now it’s kind of obvious that food is something that not only gives us plenty of energy but while our body breaks down the food it also creates heat.
In my opinion, heat is fantastic during winter. So here is a list of high energy foods that will warm you up but also give you plenty of energy to shred on the slopes

7 High Energy Foods to boost your shredding potential

High Energy Food - Sweet Potato

1# Sweet Potatoes

These bad boys are not only delicious but are high in carbohydrates, Vitamin A and Vitamin C which will help you fight off midday fatigue. You can use these delicious orange bundles of joy instead of potatoes for mash or fries.


#2 Honey

This nectar from the gods has a really low glycemic index which means that it will slowly release energy after taking it in. Best of all it tastes amazing and you can mix it up with many of your favorite foods. Tea, cereal, lamb, more honey… you get the gist, you can use it on everything.


Beans - High energy foods

#3 Beans


“beans beans musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot” not only will these warm your belly but also warm the air around you. Fantastic as they have high amounts of protein and complex carbs which will give you plenty of energy. Additionally, you can mix them with most dishes, such a burrito, salad and also just scoop them out of the can and eat them like that.


#4 Egg

“A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.” Golum. A delicious snack on the go, just boil it prior to heading out, keep it in a safe spot and whenever you are hungry chow down on one.

Eggs are great for giving you energy as they have the highest complete form of protein (30% of your daily requirements). Additionally, to that, they have amino acids which will help in rebuilding muscles after a massive day on the slopes. How do you like your eggs?

Salmon High Energy Foods

5# Salmon

Super popular for its high amounts of Omega 3 and amazing taste, but lesser known for its high amounts of Protein, Vitamin B6, Niacin, and Riboflavin. In simple terms eat salmon for lots of energy.

6# Nuts

I always love having a mouthful of nuts, especially when a little salty, they tickle my taste buds and I know that they provide me with high amounts of protein. Hopefully, you caught my innuendo there 🙂 but besides that Nuts, especially Almonds are fantastic at keeping your energy levels flowing.

These tiny energy capsules have high amounts of protein, copper, manganese, and riboflavin. Coppen and Manganese are fantastic at breaking down toxins in the cells and Riboflavin aids in oxygen-based energy production.

Dark Chocolate - High Energy Foods

7# Dark Chocolate

For the sweet tooths out there that have trouble surviving a day without chocolate, now you have a reason to demolish a whole block to yourself. Perfect for a snack here and there it will not only provide you with energy but vitamin C. Just make sure you hit up the 70% cacao kind as the milky chocolate will just give you a sugar high.

With these High energy foods, you can not only keep yourself warm but also buzzing and shredding down the slopes all day. Best of all you can store them in your jacket (maybe besides the salmon and sweet potato) and pull them out when most needed.

For more tips on how to stay warm check out the article on how to stay warm during winter

Did you find this article helpful? Do you have high energy foods that you keep falling back to during winter? Then make sure to comment below and as always share this article with your buddies so that they can keep up with you as you shred all day on the slopes.



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