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7 Insane Adventure Ideas you can use to make your Life EPIC!!!

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So you woke up after a big nights drinking, next to you there is a babe (or a hunk) who you picked up during the night. You check your phone and you have messages from your friends claiming it was the most epic night. You check the photos on your phone and you can definitely confirm that it was the most epic adventure you had in a long time.

These are the moments we live for. Days, nights like this that will forever get brought up in future conversations, that will always put a grin on your face and most importantly get your heart racing each time you think about it.


They usually start with a stupid innocent little idea that evolves into something epic. So to help you with your next major adventure that will not cost a fortune and you don’t necessarily have to drink to make it super fun here is a list of amazing Epic Adventures you can do alone, or with friends.

Meet you there.
With this adventure, you will have to start with a few friends and establish a destination for the day or night. Like a pub down the road… Nah that’s to simple, how about a pub in another state or country. Now most people will think “heyyyy, I’ll just get my car or use public transport” but here is how it becomes an insane adventure. You have no money to spend on your trip.

That is right, zero amounts of money.

By removing the ability to pay for things you will now have to put on your thinking cap and come up with ways to get from A to B.
Best of all this will also build your communication skills with strangers and who knows maybe you will end up with a bigger squad at the end.

Also, another idea is to actually just get the cheapest flight from one place to another using the Ultimate, Super Freaking awesome Flight Hack and then try and get back home without using flights
Epic Adventures

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I’m Hungry but I ain’t paying for that
Similar to the first one, you want food but you ain’t got the money. Convince people to either get you food or donate money for your next meal. You could beg, perform or come up with an insanely cool strategy that will make it happen. Just don’t go stealing, it’s really shit.

Epic Adventures

I’m thirsty but I’m also not paying for that
Exactly the same as the previous one, except now you need to get drinks out of people or come up with creative ways to get that next pint into you. Great for meeting new people, getting to know them and making them feel inclined to get you a drink.

Epic Adventures

My new squad
Ever go out at the beginning of a night and by the end you are hanging out with a bunch of people you have never met in your life but at the same time having the best time.

Well recreate this by forcing yourself to meet a minimum of 5 new friends. Talk to them, get their numbers and maybe catch up with them in the future. You will grow your friends base but also unlock the valuable skill of communicating. Great for picking up also.

Epic Adventures

I’m just taking a nap
In the middle of a busy pedestrian area take a moment to yourself and lay down. Something so simple and yet it can be super daunting to do. Try laying there for a minimum of a minute, this will seriously bring up your confidence like nothing else.

Epic Adventures

Compliments for all
Like the name suggests, go out and shower bystanders with compliments, but not any kind of compliments, person specific compliments. For example a cute honey with a nice jacket. Compliment her on her choice of clothing. Great for starting conversations, breaking the ice and also putting a smile on people’s faces.
Epic Adventures


There are so many more, over the following weeks I will post more and more. For now do you have any cool idea’s for epic adventures? Post them in the comments below and don’t forget to share this article with your squad on Facebook or Twitter.


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