Snowboarding Facts

7.4 Super Interesting Snowboarding Facts

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Winter is coming and there is only one thing better than hitting up the slopes with your trusty board, crew, and of course the fresh pow. That thing is a beer and being equipped with an arsenal of snowboarding facts that will make your buddies envious of your knowledge.

Chow down on these gems and make sure to share them with your buddies.

Snowboarding Facts

1. ONE. Snowboarding was called Snurfing

Snurfing - Fun Facts about Snowboarding

You read that right. Snowboarding was invented in 1960 by an engineer living in Muskegon, Michigan who went by the name of Sherman Poppen. He strapped two ski’s together and used rope for steering.

Needless to say, the fellow looked like he was surfing and so the wife blessed the act with the name Snurfing which combined the words ‘Snow’ and ‘Surfing’.


2. DUO. Snowboarding is more dangerous than Skiing

Kinda an obvious one, seeing as snowboarders are usually demographically a younger bunch of people I’m not really surprised by this.

Is Skiing or Snowboarding Safer


Young, dumb and full of c.. (beer) makes for a perfect mixture of pushing one’s self to the limits and obviously showing off.

One thing to take into consideration though is that the majority of the injuries are to the beginners in the sport. Which makes sense. A lot of wrist injuries, shoulder and collar bones broken and dislocations are due to the inexperience in falling down on the pow.


Follow this link for a quick guide on how to fall over and prevent possible injuries


3. TRZY. Snowboarding was actually banned at resorts in the early 1980’s

Kind of hard to believe these days that snowboarding could be banned but back in the day, skiing targetted the older demographic, whereas snowboarding was looked at as being for the youth.

Because of that, it was more dangerous and a “teenage fad”. Needless to say, that is now history. The first resort to open up for snowboarding was Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont in 1983-84 and because of that, this resort is still very popular for snowboarders.

Also was a great move as these days 30%+ of all winter sports revenue comes from snowboarding, which is pretty neat.


4. 四. The most flips ever done on a snowboard in a single jump was 4

That would equate to 360+360+360+360 = 1440

No matter how you look at it, that is amazing.


5. FIMM. Snowboarding became a Winter Olympic sport

“Wow. No shit. Tell me something I don’t know” said pretty much, everyone.

Well, it was first introduced in the 1998 Winter Olympic games in Nagano, Japan.


6. ستة. Interesting Facts about the X-games

Shawn White - Snowboardin Facts

Shaun White won the most x games medals which were the total of 16

The youngest X-Games medal winner was Chloe Kim at the young age of 14

There are six competition venues at the X Games: Slopestyle, Street, Snowmobile, X Course, SuperPipe and Big Air.

2011 marked the most-watched Winter X Games ever, with 114,200 people in attendance and 39.7 million tuning in from home during the four-day event


7. सात. The first Olympic medal for snowboarding almost went up in smoke!

The first Olympic gold medal in snowboarding was won by Ross Rebagliati of Canada. After he won he got temporarily disqualified as he tested positive for marijuana in his blood.

Needless to say, the disqualification got overturned and he smoked a joint after to celebrate his victory.

He literally became an advocate for medicinal marijuana and owns his own medicinal marijuana dispensary these days.


So those are the top 7.4 interesting snowboarding facts that I could find online. If you have any other ones that you think should make the list put them in the comments below. Also, make sure to share this page to let other snowboard enthusiasts learn a thing or two about this bloody amazing sport. It’s super easy, just click the share button below.

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