7 Winter Facts

7 Winter facts that will blow your mind

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Ok, so we all know that winter is an amazing time of year. During winter you get colder and shorter days and in the Northern hemisphere, you can expect Santa to arrive during this period.
But have you ever wondered how much salt is used on US roads? Or why there are different sized snowflakes? Well with these 7 winter facts you are about to find out and be able to use them in your next trivia night.

7 Winter Facts

7 Winter Facts - Aomori City

#1 The snowiest city on earth is in…. Japan

Aomori City in northern Japan receives approximately 312 inches or 26 feet of snow each year. Some also say that the snow in Japan is the best in the world, known for its fluffiness and obviously huge amounts. If you had that much snowfall what would you build?

#2 Ingenious ways to rid the snow

So we spoke of Aomori city having the most snow in the world, but what happens when a place like that has too much and has to think of ways to rid the snow. One way is to dump it in parking lots and open fields and let nature run its course, melting it as the temperatures rise.

Another is dumping it into the ocean. Probably not the best thing to do as it could have some complications with marine life and so on. but besides those two, there is also a huge, diesel-guzzling kettle on wheels that spills hot water on the snow and melts it right in front of your eyes. Pretty cool in my opinion.

#3 Salt anyone?

The US alone uses 22 million tons of salt on the roads to make them safer. That’s literally a lot

#4 I got the need for speed

Snowflakes fall at a speed of 1 to 6 feet per second. So its very dependant on the shape of the snowflake, big pieces are more likely to float then small pellet shaped ones which plummet down to earth fast.

Which brings me to a question, In a vacuum what will drop faster, a feather or a kilo of lead? Type your answer in the comments below

7 Winter Facts - Building a snowman

#5 Do you want to build a snowman?

The best time to build a snowman, igloo, or just have a plain old snowball fight is when you have a wetter type of snow. Something you probably knew before but did you know the perfect ratio is 5 parts water to 1 part snow. Yep, kinda accurate.

If you are planning on spending a long time outdoors building an igloo or just having a plain snowball fight, check out these articles on how to get plenty of energy and stay warm outside.

How to stay warm in winter

7 High energy foods to keep you warm 

#6 Work on your winter tan

So as weird as it may seem, during winter or the 3rd of January, planet earth is closest to the sun. Which in turn confirms that the earth is flat… Not

Yep, in fact, we are approximately  3.1million miles closer to the earth than on July the 5th which is the time we are the furthest away.

#7 If you don’t see it, you tend to enjoy it more, right?

Supposedly men rated pictures of women’s breasts and bodies as more attractive in the winter months. Reason for that is we don't see them as often during winter and get more excited about them #winter #mendooutdoors Click To Tweet

And that brings my 7 winter facts to an end. So if you like women make sure to share this post and as always comment below your favorite winter facts.

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