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A Portable Hot Tub??? Hydro Hammock is actually amazing

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Sometimes when I go camping I find myself thinking about some creature comforts that I have back at home and many of them involve a bath, hot water, some chilled music and a 6 pack of some good quality beer.
Lets face it, you probably have been in the same situation once or twice before. in your mind go back to a day where you went camping in the rain and you were cold, miserable and covered in mud.
Well some brilliant guys at Hydro hammock have come up with a brilliant design that is not only portable but also seems like a super comfortable design… It’s a Hammock after all.

I’m already thinking of all the possibilities, all the places I would use this. I mean chilling next to a beach, in the mountains, besides a river and enjoying hot water in a bath tub. Bringing you closer to nature and making it an unforgettable experience at the same time.
Obviously if you are hiking this is probably not going to be a thing for you, after all who would like to carry a bag behind themselves while climbing a mountain. On the other hand imagine pulling up with a car at a campsite, finding a secluded spot and just taking all that nature has to offer from the comfort of your hot tub.
Also in the video it shows you can fit more than one person in the hammock which means you could easily get yourself a few gorgeous ladies or male hunks if you are into that and make it an unforgettable experience. I mean a few drinks, some nice snacks, and the company of some of your friends or loved ones. Ahhh magical.
Either way the Hammock is now an actual reality, no longer just a kickstarter campaign and you can own one for yourself today. They are a bit pricey but when you think about it you can have unforgettable experiences every time you go camping and lets face it, that in itself is priceless.
For more information go to https://hydrohammock.com/

Are you the type of person that would also think of this as a awesome idea? Where would you set one up if you owned one? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to like and share my website.

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