About Men Do Outdoors


Konrad WarzechaStarted by me (Konrad) I was looking to create a personal blog that would encourage men to do more outdoors. It worked well with my personal life as I was an outdoor instructor in the Australian wilderness. I could easily blog about my trips, lessons I learned while working outdoors. It was something I was passionate about at the time.

After a few months of working, instructing kids I realized that the workload didn’t allow for me to make regular contributions and my passion for sharing things online started to slide. At the end of 2016, I decided to quit my job and pursue a life of travel. That’s what I have been doing ever since.

While in Spain on a holiday with my sister (Sorelle) we touched on the website and how I have been missing the whole point with it. At that moment we established a plan to make Men Do Outdoors a place for men to share their incredible adventures in the outdoors. By doing so it would inspire people (mainly men) to take part in outdoor adventures. Which has been my main goal from the start.

After that, it was easy to set up a plan of action and the vision for the future is to feature men, not just the Redbull kind, but men who do extraordinary things outdoors. This would become a hub for men all around the world to learn about new sports, new tips, and tricks, and also admire one another doing incredible things.

So if you are one of these men, or know of someone that is like this send me a message, let’s chat or tag yourself on Instagram #mendooutdoors
We need more people to showcase the natural playground that we have on this planet so as to make people fall in love with it. We only have one planet we call home, let’s appreciate what it’s given us.