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Become Stealthy like a Ninja and save big when purchasing items online

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Ever browse the internet and think someone might be spying on you? Do you view websites that are private and important to you (not porn site’s obviously 🙂 ) such as your bank websites.

Would you like to protect yourself more? If Yes, then read on.

For many years now it has been very obvious that Google can track not only your online presence but also where you are at and even what you are saying thanks to mobile phones. But did you know that every website you check out these days is most likely tracking your activity also?

incognito windowIt became incredibly obvious to me how much information we were giving away each time we went onto a website when I set up an online store.

Using a Facebook pixel I was able to find out when someone was on my site, how long they spent there, where they were browsing from, what computer, phone, tablet they were using, how many pages they checked out and where they came from.

And that is not even the worst part. With a simple application, I could find out exactly how many times they revisited the site and change the prices of my products so as to make them want the product more. All of this on autopilot.

Me being a small fish I didn’t even skim the surface of how much information I could gather, but trust me when I say this, big businesses will kill for every tiny bit of information about you.

A perfect example is flight comparison sites. They admittedly tell you that they are putting what the internet calls a cookie on your browser which supposedly is there to make your experience the best you can have.

But get this. It’s not always in your best interest to have a cookie in your browser. The cookie will see how many times you will revisit the website, which flights you are looking for and then also spy on you when you visit another flight site so as to make sure they can compete with the prices.

Once they know that you are interested they can manipulate the prices on the spot.

Ever go to a website, type in the same flight multiple times at different times and just before you click to check out, the website will tell you that the price has changed?

This is a standard technique used between flight comparison site’s to make you feel like you are about to miss out on a great deal. But at the same time, they are making extra dollars when you buy the product.

I was almost caught out with this the other day but because I knew of this technique I quickly got the ball back into my side of the court.

You see if they flight comparison site’s don’t have cookies in your browser they can’t really see your activity.

So this is when you become a ninja so as to make sure those websites aren’t ripping you off.

  1. Almost all browser’s these days have a window which is called an Incognito Window. you can find it in the browser settings. An Incognito window will literally be a blank slate for you. When in Incognito you will not collect cookies and you will be logged out of all your pages.
    This will mean that you are literally not giving away valuable information to the website’s you are viewing which is great news for you.
  2. I would highly recommend downloading a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Proxy Network which literally hides all your activity. Everything you view is encrypted and best of all you can use a VPN to use the Hack that not even travel agents know about and pretend you are in a different country. Also, another great benefit is it’s almost impossible for people to hack your computer which is extra safe. I use ExpressVPN as I found it to offer the most for a great price and you can protect multiple devices using the one product. Click here to find out more about it
  3. Also regularly make sure that you clear your cookies as you will be amazed to see how many cookies you collect over time.

So hopefully this is a bit of an eye-opener for you so that you can protect yourself better when browsing the internet and also save money while doing so.

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