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Boyd Hilder (BMX) – Featured Profile

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Today’s featured Exceptional Man Doing Exceptional Things Outdoors is Professional BMX rider, Boyd Hilder.

Living on the Gold Coast in Australia he cruises around in his van and hits up the local bike parks to sharpen his skills. In fact, his skills have brought him a serious following on Instagram with over 39k followers

Boyd Hilder Professional BMX riderBoyd also known as BB was born in Bundaberg, otherwise known as Bundy, famous for one of Australia’s popular rums.

He moved to the Gold Coast to follow his passion for BMX riding. At 21 he is already a Professional BMX rider

His favorite trick to date is the Downside Tailwhip, but from the numerous video’s he shares you can see that he definitely is able to pull off other incredible stunts.

The gear that Boyd trusts the most comes from:

Volume bikes

demolition parts

s1 helmets

primary threads

verve footwear

If you are thinking of getting into BMX riding Boyd recommends to ‘Get yourself a decent 20’ bike and ride anything and everything all day every day! Most of all have fun’

If you are ever around the Goldy and looking to see Boyd shred you might find him at his favorite location Pizzey Park Miami.

“Best park on the coast! Gripping concrete and well rounded. Ramps, rails and bowls”

For more video’s and pictures make sure to follow Boyd Hilder on Instagram. Also comment below on your favorite BMX tricks and make sure to hit the share button.

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