Bruno Jacob (Jetski) - Featured Profile

Jet ski – Bruno Jacob – Featured Profile

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If you have the need for speed and pushing yourself to the limits then you will have an instant connection with Bruno (Bruno from Brazil) who is the vice-world champion IFWA 2016 in Jet ski Freeriding.

He has spent years training and now is the strongest representative from Brazil in the freeride category. He is a huge advocate for the sport and tries to get as many people interested in it by not only competing but also selling quality, affordable jet ski products of his own.


Sport runs through Bruno’s veins, that’s how he was born. Besides being on the jet ski he also does wakeboarding, surfing, going to the gym and stand-up paddling.  So without further a due let’s jump into the questions and learn more about this exceptional individual.

How old are you? 

I’m 30 years old

Where were you born? 

I was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Where do you live now?

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Bruno Jacob Jet ski

What outdoor activity do you do? Let us know a bit about it

I’m a professional jet ski Freerider or otherwise known as a motosurfer.

The freeride category on the jet ski began fifteen years ago. Basically, it’s a mixture of freestyle and jet ski surfing. Riders have to devise aerial maneuvers, such as backflips and use the waves as if they were ramps. The jet ski is like the bike or a board. The judges evaluate the difficulty and how precise someone is in a variety of maneuvers.

I started because my father loves motorsports and really pushed me into a few motorsports. When I got a chance to try out jet skiing I was hooked from the start.

Additionally, besides my father, my whole entire family have supported me along the way.

How did you get into the sport?

My father always loved motorsports and when I was 10 he put me into a go-kart. Unfortunately, at the time it didn’t work out very well. When I turned 15 my dad organized a Jet ski competition in my town which sparked my interest.

Not long after I got a jet ski as a gift and started practicing. In my first Bahian Championship, I came sixth overall. The following year, I went to the Brazilian and got second place amongst the “Rookies”.
I realized I had a talent and after that, I was hooked. I migrated to Freeriding which is the fastest growing category and since then I have won a few international titles.


All the trips are very important to me. Especially when I have fun with my friends around the world.

Bruno Jacob Jet ski - Credit Chris Rauen

My favorite trick is the Scarecrow, that is a roll with the jet ski while not holding onto the bars with your hand’s and having one leg off and extended as well

My favorite gear is Fly Racing

My favorite location is Brazil. I train in Barra do Jacuípe, in the city of Camaçari, in Bahia.

In this town, there is a marina, where we also have a shop, in which we manufacture and sell jet-hulls, and have a jet ski school.

I’m the vice-world champion IFWA 2016. Additionally to that in my first year, I was runner-up “Rookie” in Brazil which in made me realize I had quite the talent in the sport.

All the trips are very important to me. Especially when I have fun with my friends around the world.

What are you striving towards in the future?

I wanna see that sport grow and grow more everywhere!


He might not have gotten into Go-karting but fortunately, he found his calling in Jet skiing where obviously he is excelling. We wish Bruno a bright future in the sport and if you are interested in connecting more with Bruno check out his pages below.

Have you met Bruno or witnessed him in the surf? If so let us know about that experience in the comments below and as usual, make sure to share this page.






Featured Image by: Lucciano Cruz


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