Camping Gear you MUST take with you next time you go Camping

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Essential Camping Gear

Camping is one of the greatest ways to get outdoors.  It’s often as simple as picking a destination, loading up your gear and family, and hitting the road.  Whether you’re spending a week camped out at the lake or a couple of days in your local National Park, don’t forget to pack your essential camping gear! begin with, your most important piece of gear is always going to be your shelter.  Most campers will choose a large tent that is big enough to fit their whole family in it, but it’s certainly not your only choice.  Consider smaller and lighter tents.  They are often easier to set up and don’t take up as much room around your campsite.  If your campground has a lot of trees, consider using a hammock.  They’re great places to sleep and lounge around in.


Next, don’t forget your sleeping bags, pads or air mattresses, and pillows.  If you’re car camping, you can even bring the blankets right off of your bed!  Since you won’t be hiking your gear to your campsite, weight isn’t a huge concern here.  Bring whatever you need to be comfortable.  Additionally, bring as many changes of clothes as you need.  Changing into clean clothes after a long day of hanging around the campsite can be a wonderful feeling.  If the weather has a chance of getting colder, remember to bring warmer clothes.  One item often overlooked is a pair of tough, reliable camp shoes.  Slipping on a pair of lightweight shoes to walk around camp is much more comfortable than having to lace up your shoes every time you want to leave your shelter.


Of course, you’re going to have to eat while you’re out camping.  The amount of ways to cook your food outdoors is almost as innumerable as at home.  You can bring a smaller, lightweight hiking stove, a portable propane or charcoal grill, frying pans, cooking pots, or anything else you can think of.  Starting a fire and cooking your food over the open flame is always great, so don’t forget the marshmallow and hot dog skewers!  Have a plan in mind about how you’re going to cook food while out camping, and bring only the necessary gear for this method.  If you decide you’re going to cook over your fire, there’s no point in bringing your hiking stove, for instance.  Don’t forget to bring an ample supply of water, if there’s no clean water source nearby.


Finally, don’t forget all of your personal toiletries.  Bring toilet paper, sunscreen, insect repellant, hand sanitizer, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and anything else you use in a day to day basis.  Bring some games, cards, or anything else to keep you entertained at your campsite.


Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list of what you will need while out camping.  Recognize what your necessities will be and tailor your list to what fits your needs.  You may want to bring more or less, but always remember to bring the essentials!

To help you out deciding what equipment you require on your next camping trip check out my camping checklist which will assist you with picking out everything for yourself and your camping buddies.

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