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Geysir 0

Geysir Hot Springs

One of the only places on earth where thousands of people film 3 min of nothing to get 5 seconds of good footage. The one and only Geysir (I mean Strokkur) in Iceland. One...

Þingvellir National Park 0

Þingvellir National Park

Ever hear of a place called Iceland? If yes then you probably also know about Þingvellir National Park. One of Iceland’s biggest attractions and there is a reason for it.

Morse Code 101 0

Morse Code 101

Morse code used to be a very effective way to communicate over long distances, but these days with the invention of smart phones and other devices which help us communicate easily it is becoming...

Camping Vs Hiking 0

Camping VS Hiking

For those who don’t get outdoors a lot, the terms camping and hiking are often used interchangeably.  While they share some of the same gear and both require setting up a camp, they couldn’t...