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Check out this Awesome Self Filling Bottle

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The idea of a self-filling water bottle seems like an idea out of a science fiction movie.  Clean, potable water for everyone in the world is often seen as a fantasy.  The team at Fontus aims to make these dreams a reality with their new self-filling water bottle.  It is able to extract humidity from the air and provide half a liter of drinkable water an hour.  Although some are skeptical, it’s an amazing step in the right direction to provide clean water for those in areas without access to it across the world.  On a smaller scale, it’s great for hikers, cyclists, campers, and anyone else in the outdoors who like to travel light and without a lot of heavy water weighing them down.


Initially developed with cyclists in mind, the self-filling water bottle was dubbed the Ryde.  Once Fontus realized their bottle could be a hit for more than just cyclists, they began development on the Airo, creating this version for hikers, backpackers, and campers.  No matter what your chosen activity, Fontus hopes to provide clean, drinkable water for anyone in the outdoors.


The self-filling water bottle uses a solar device that utilizes hydrophobic surfaces to repel and funnel drops of condensation into the bottle.  In short, it captures the humidity from the air and puts it in the water bottle, providing the user with drinkable water from the moisture in the air.  The water will be clean, as long as the air isn’t too polluted.  Fontus hopes to eventually add a carbon filter to the water bottle, filtering polluted water and providing clean drinking water no matter where you’re located.


The humidity of the air is a major factor in how much water the Ryde or Airo can harvest.  The temperature also has an impact on fill rate.  If you’re anywhere with a temperature between 86 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and have 80 to 90 percent humidity, you can hit the maximum fill rate of half a liter per hour.  If you’re in a location with little humidity or a lower temperature, you won’t be able to hit this rate.  Fontus states that even in dry environments, like deserts, there is enough moisture in the air that their bottles can successfully harvest it.  In situations like these, the Fontus may be a lifesaver.


Although Fontus hasn’t released their self-filling water bottles yet, the buzz is definitely real.  Many believe this is the next big item in not just backpacking, hiking, and any other outdoor activity, but the world.  Still, others are skeptical.  They don’t believe that the Ryde or Airo will be able to deliver on the fill rates that Fontus advertises.  Fontus plans to soon release data backing up their data, showing temperature, humidity, duration, and water volume created, hoping to prove the naysayers wrong.


Despite your position on the debate whether Fontus is releasing a revolutionary product or a pipe dream, the buzz is undeniable.  These self-filling water bottles may be the next big piece of gear for any of those that love the outdoors, or they may fall flat on their promises.  Only time will tell.

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