Snowboarding Falls

Don’t be a newb, Learn this simple technique to reduce the possibility of injuries while snowboarding

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One of the things you hear the most when you start out with snowboarding is that you will fall a lot. To tell you the truth you would have to be a superhuman to avoid the inevitable tumble.

With tumbles come injuries and believe it or not the highest amount of injuries are to the wrists, shoulders and collar bones.

Snowboarding falls

Obviously, a good place to start is by getting wrist guards to protect your delicate wrists but an even better way to make sure you don’t hurt yourself more is to follow a simple technique which is against everything you have been brought up with.

The first thing you do when you fall over is put out your hands so that they absorb the impact. That’s something you have done all your life and now you have to somehow convince your subconscious not to do that.

Let me explain. When falling over while snowboarding you to do opposite, you bring your arms in as close to your body as possible and land on your elbows and chest or your butt, depending on which way you fall.

This will protect you from the most common injuries but in turn, you most likely will end up with a few bruises.

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But all hope is not lost, yes the idea of falling chest first into the snow might be scary, but that is just that, it’s snow and snow on most occasions is softer than a plush toy.

Also, you most likely will be wearing a jacket which is also quite soft. If you wear a helmet it will protect the most vital part of your body… Your excellent hairdo (actually your brain but hairdo will also do).

So now that you have this information try and convince your basic instincts to change the way they have operated for years.


A good way to start is to just find a nice soft mound of snow and fall against it a few times, firstly to make you realise that it isn’t actually too bad to fall face first into the snow but also to train yourself from throwing out your hands.

Once you got that all figured out you can get into the more enjoyable part which is snowboarding but also you don’t have to worry as much about the occasional fall.

If you snowboard do you have any hints, or tips that could assist beginners in being more confident with falling over in the snow? If so make sure to comment below and whilst there make sure to like and share this post with others on Facebook or Twitter.


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