Follow these 10 Travel Hacks to become a Seasoned Traveler Right Away!!!

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I won’t lie, traveling is my favorite thing to do. I have been doing it for as long as I remember and I make it a high priority to go overseas at least once a year. Over the years I have come across many hax which made my travel easier every time I went overseas again. By publishing this article I hope to share some of my most valuable hacks with you and if you have any that you would like to share please enter the into the comments below

1.Email yourself your passport and I.D.

Travelling overseas can be pretty hectic at times and if you become a victim of theft and lose your I.D’s and even worse your passport then things can really become shit in no time. By sending yourself an email with a copy of your documents than at least you have something to show while booking into hotels and it will also helps out at the consulate.

2. Turn on Private Browsing when buying
flights and accommodation.

By now it’s no longer news that when buying flights, even booking accommodation online, website’s will leave cookies in your browser which will spy on you. While spying on you they can adjust the prices to make you feel a sense of urgency. In doing so you might end up spending more money than the tickets are worth at the time. I have tested this out multiple times and have seen the price jump up over $200.
These days most web browsers come with a Private Browsing option which disables the cookies and by doing so the websites can’t spy on you. So next time you are purchasing tickets online activate incognito browsing

3.  Carry a Power board with you everywhere you travel

Lets face it, when we travel these days we carry at least 2 electronic devices that require charging (laptop, phone, camera etc.). With just 1 power-board and a travel adapter you are able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Charge all your gadgets at the same time. Another reason to grab a power-board is you can share outlets with buddies and being a good chap they usually are more inclined to buy you beers in exchange. Just the beer alone is good enough of a reason to carry a power-board everywhere you go.

4. Use Google maps Offline

The amount of times I pull out my phone while travelling to check out Google maps is bordering
on obsessive. In saying that Google Maps is amazing and a little less known feature of Google maps on android and Apple is that you can actually download sections of maps directly onto your device. This makes it a breeze to navigate your way around even if there is no Wi-Fi available nearby.

5. Download Travel Apps

These days there are so many amazing apps for travelers. With just 1 smartphone you can book flights, accommodation, tours stay in contact with friends and family who are back home, research new destinations, keep tabs on your cash and so much more. Below are just a couple of apps that I use on a regular basis while travelling.
Trip Advisor
Google Maps

6. Carry an Empty Bottle

I find when I am on a plane I usually become pretty dehydrated, but its always awkward asking the stewardess over and over to keep the water coming. Lets also face it from time to time you need to wait a fairly long time to receive your tiny glass of water. To overcome this just bring an empty bottle through customs and once in the lounges just fill it up. Make sure it’s empty before customs or else you will have to drink all the water on the spot or leave your prized bottle in the bin.

7. Roll your clothes instead of foldingRoll your clothes

A pretty neat trick to maximize space in you bag is to roll all your clothes. By doing so you can stuff them into every nook and cranny and end up with a fair bit more room. Additionally your shirts are less likely to crease, which is an added benefit if you are looking at going out and want to look shmick.


8. Bring your own entertainment on the plane

On some planes yo will find yourself with many hours where you will literally twiddle your fingers. I always have my phone and laptop fully charged with a few movies, music and games preloaded onto them so that I can enjoy my prolonged sitting session. A book is also a great idea or if you’re like me stare at people for hours at a time and sing songs in your mind.

9. Follow the Pub Crawl

No matter what city you are in, you will always find a pub crawl at the local backpackers. They are an awesome way to meet people, get drunk and get a mini tour at the same time. You could obviously just follow them around but I find it much more enjoyable when you are part of the group and don’t have to worry about the tour guide telling you off.


10. Bike tours are the bestBike Tour

Bike tours are not only great ways to see a city fast, you also get some exercise and meet awesome people which you can drag along with you to a pub crawl afterward. I find bike tours to be my favorite way to visit a new town, mainly because you can see the majority of attractions the city has to offer in just 1 day.


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Did the Travel Hacks help you in any way? Have any of your own that you would like to share? Just pop them into the comment below and when I update the blog I will ad them to the post. These are my 10 favorite Travel Hacks. I have plenty more where those came from and in the future I will be posting them here. So make sure to check in from time to time, or even better follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get all the updates.

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