How to Build an Igloo

How to Build an Igloo and look like a Pro doing so

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Winter is right upon us and the only thing that really comes to our mind is ‘How to build an igloo?’

I’m back answering the questions that actually really matter, because let’s face it, if I don’t who will.

How to build an Igloo

So the snow has fallen around you, you have inches upon inches of fresh snow and the only thing you want to figure out is how you can use the snow at hand and build your very own Igloo.

Not only is it fantastic for the kids, but let’s face it, it’s probably every single adult’s dream to build and be inside of an igloo.

I know for me it was and I also know that it is a really fun experience.

So let’s get right into:

How to build an Igloo

What you will need

  • A saw
  • String
  • Shovel

What do do

– Find a place with plentiful snow and dig a circle. You can use a string connected to a stick and place it in the center of your circle. Then use the other end of the string to help trace the circle shape. Don’t go to overboard with the size as it will take quite some time to build an igloo on your own.

How to build an Igloo

– Now dig down, not all the way, just enough to get rid of the top layer of snow and also to create the shape. You will be using the remainder of the snow also as snow blocks to build your igloo.

– To make it easier for yourself dig in only one spot inside the circle all the way to the ground. This will make it possible for you to be able to stand up and cut the blocks out.

– Once you cut the blocks and stack them around the outside of the igloo, attach the string in the center on the ground. The string will be a guide for you to know how to slope the igloo

– Now stack the first layer of bricks, constantly using the string as a guide to how to slope the blocks. Use the saw to carve away at the blocks. When you complete a full circle, make sure to have a larger brick as this will become the anchor for the next layer.

– Continue building up the igloo from the inside, and always make sure to use the string as a guide and the saw to angle to bricks in the right direction.

– Once you run out of snow bricks you will have to find some more, to get on the outside of the igloo, build a tunnel out below your wall. Make sure that the snow doesn’t collapse on itself.

– Once out make sure to place wedges in between the layers so that it strengthens the structure and get more snow blocks.

– Now continue building the rest of the igloo and once complete ad a cap over the top. A piece of snow that is bigger than the hole itself.

– Place wedges in between the layers, lay more snow on top, just don’t put to much pressure on the structure and viola. Your igloo is built.

Building the entrance – How to build an Igloo

– Now with the entrance, you can go for the standard build and lay 2 large pieces of snow blocks against each other and then angle the bricks with the saw, but you can also make twists and turns in the igloo to keep the warmth in better.

Finally, the best thing about an Igloo is that you need minimal tools to build one and it can keep you and your loved ones warm during the night.

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Have you ever built an igloo of your own? What were your experiences? Did you learn how to build an Igloo from this article? Comment and link pictures below and as always make sure to like and share this post on Facebook


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