Snowboarding Gear for beginner

If you are a snowboarding Beginner you need to read this to figure out the best gear for your trip

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Do you love snow and want to dabble in snowboarding for the first time but are not sure where to start?

We did the hard yards and asked men who have already gathered some experience in snowboarding to give you tips on the gear you should get for your first trip.

Snowboarding Gear:

Snowboarding gear

From asking around it was obvious that most guys recommended that if you are beginning you should start off with hiring the gear you require. Reason being is that you might fork out a lot of money and in the end not even enjoy the sport. So save the pennies at the start and if everything goes well and you love the sport dive right in.

When hiring a board try and go for the medium to very flexible one as it’ll be more comfortable and easier to start off than with very stiff board (typically more geared towards big air, high speed)

Other things you should consider for hiring would be boots, bindings, helmet and wrist protectors.

Obviously helmet and wrist protectors for safety. You might look like a goof with the wrist guards but trust me you would prefer to wear those then end up with a broken wrist.

With hiring your gear the whole idea is to first get to know your snowboarding style. If you purchase the main components prior to going out you will be stuck learning in one specific way, which in turn could not work for you.

If you are hellbent on buying things then start off with your helmet with pads to keep your ears warm, anti-fog goggles, gloves or mittens, a waterproof jacket and pants with insulations and Faceshield to keep your face warm. Pretty much gear that you could use doing other winter sports as well.

Finally, if you plan on buying the board, boots and bindings then start with second-hand ones, you will bang them up a fair bit before you become a pro. Once you are a pro you want gear that will match your skill level. That is when you can invest in new things

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Staying warm:

So obviously a good jacket, pants, helmet, face shield and gloves will keep you warm, but if you still find yourself shivering then make sure to layer up.

Layering up will allow for air to be caught between layers and stay warm, which in turn will keep you cozy.

Some people will say go for thermals but I would strongly recommend against that as snowboarding is a very physical activity and it could cause you to overheat. Best thing is to start a little cold and after a few moments of riding around you will warm up.

Also, make sure to stay hydrated. Most people think that drinking will cool your body but that is incorrect. Your body needs water to function properly, functioning properly also means regulating your body temperature.

Best way to make sure you stay hydrated is to have a camelback with a hose to your mouth. An additional benefit of having a camelback is that it will cushion your fall.

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Finally, in conclusion, start off by hiring the gear, once you learn how to snowboard then decide what gear will be best for you. Be prepared to fall and get a few bumps and bruises but also enjoy your time, specially after the boarding is done and you are warming up in a bar with a cold beer in your hand. Ahh the perfect way to finish the day.



What I usually tell people is to rely on your base layer for warmth, and rely on your jacket for water-proofness.

For a base layer I’ve used the underarmor cold weather base layer for years with just a t-shirt over it. It may seem like you’re going to be cold at first (and you may the first trip up to the top) but after one trip down you warm right up. Snowboarding is a lot of exercise.

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If you’ve never once gone snowboarding before, rent your boots and board, as if you find that you suck too much for your patience to handle before you get mediocre, then you’ll have avoided the most expensive and non-usable part of the hobby/sport.

For gear, you’re going to want snow pants; an actual boarding jacket; waterproof winter gloves; some sort of face protection (if you don’t have a thick beard, then get a balaclava or facewrap); goggles that are anti-fog (pretty standard, but you should still check that they are in-fact anti-fog. This will be the most expensive thing besides your boots and board); and a decent toque.

There’s quite a few good snowboarding brands, so if you have a dedicated snowboard shop in your town or city, go there. You don’t necessarily need to buy from there if you’re on a budget, but those are the places you want to look.

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