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My name is Konrad and I am the guy that started Men Do Outdoors. The reason behind it was because I was working as an outdoor instructor and had plenty of skills that I was happy to share with people.

After writing a few posts about outdoor and travel hacks I realised that I as one person was very limited with the amounts of inspirational content I could share with others.

That is why I began approaching other men who are already doing exceptional things outdoors and asking them to share their experiences with everyone. This was in the hope that it would inspire others to jump on board and really explore what this planet has to offer.

So this is how Men Do Outdoors was really born.

Besides the website, I tend to do a bit of everything. I have plenty of qualifications in outdoor sports and always like taking up new things. I am travelling around the world at this point in time and have spent the past year outside of Australia exploring everything that Europe has to offer.



Where were you born?

Sydney, Australia


Where do you live now?



What Outdoor Activity do you do?

Whitewater rafting, mountain biking, snowboarding, scuba diving, camping and any other extreme sport out there.


What inspired you to take up Whitewater rafting, mountain biking, snowboarding, scuba diving, camping and any other extreme sport out there?

I like being active, but more importantly, I love adrenaline. It gives me the kick I seek out on a daily basis. That is why my favourite sports are White water rafting, Scuba diving, Snowboarding, Downhill mountain biking.
So yeah the adrenaline is the main reason I take up outdoor sports



When did you take up Whitewater rafting, mountain biking, snowboarding, scuba diving, camping and any other extreme sport out there?

Been doing outdoor things all my life. Never really focused on just one sport. But if I had the time it would be snowboarding. In that case, I started snowboarding when I was 19


How often do you participate in the activity?

Every time I travel to Europe I hope to get some snow in.


What’s your favourite trick?

I’m not a pro or anything so a simple jump get’s me excited but I hope to do more later in the future

What’s your favourite location and why?
New Zealand, Taupo… A volcano next to a lake, with amazing forests around.
Oh did I mention you snowboard on a Volcano.


What’s your favourite gear?

Again not a pro so I haven’t experienced to many different types of gear.


What’s your biggest achievement?

Teaching my 7-year-old sister how to snowboard was really a great achievement for me.


What’s your most memorable moment?

Picture this. pure white snow everywhere, the sun setting in the distance, I’m on top of the volcano in Taupo and I’m pretty much the only person up there. The silence is numbing and the temperature is not cold but the occasional breeze nips at your cheeks. One of my most unforgettable memories. Really amazing time for me


What are you striving towards in the future?

I really want to do more snowboarding, hang out with people who love it also and learn amazing new tricks


If someone would be interested in doing your sport, what would you recommend they do?

If you want to go snowboarding, then you have to deal with the first couple days, where you will most likely get ruined. Wear wrist guards if you are starting also. Save you from breaking a wrist. Finally just enjoy yourself.


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