Less Snow Means Less Shredding time in the fields

Less Snow on the Mountains in US means Less time to Shred on the Slopes.

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As a massive fan of winter and winter sports, I get worried when I hear that the first frosts are first beginning to appear later and later every year. Less winter means less snowboarding, skiing and snowball fights and just that is a massive reason why we should take climate change into consideration.

It is no surprise to most of us that winters are becoming shorter and shorter, and the amount of snow can sometimes be very disappointing. But did you know that over the past 100 years the first frosts have begun to snip at our toes a whole month later?

Winter sports, Snow coverThis is information that has been gathered from more than a century of measurements from weather stations nationwide. This is a nationwide average, as in some places it has started earlier and in others even

What is worrisome is that trend for later and later frosts has started around 1980 which would indicate that the majority of the first frost beginning later has happened in the past 50 years.

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Now missing out on snow can be a very disappointing thing, but when you think more into it, there are certain animals and plants that require a certain amount of chill to thrive. Plants such as the Georgia peaches which require the frost to kill off pests before they get a chance to attack them is a prime example.

Scientists have also noticed that many trees aren’t changing colours as vibrantly as they used to because some take cues for when to turn from temperature. As time progresses it could get worse and by that stage, the thought of having a chill session in the snow could be the last thing we think about. Especially if there is no snow to shred in.

So the question is, what should we do to make sure one of the best seasons of the year doesn’t disappear into oblivion? Well, in my opinion, we already know what to do. Be less consumeristic, recycle, plant more trees, use fewer plastics and be more conscious about the foods you eat.

As a single person, it might seem like a pointless task, but it always starts with just one person willing to make a change.

As people we have the ability to slow down, stop and reverse what is happening with the climate change but we need to take the first steps to do so.

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