Morse Code 101

Morse Code 101

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Morse code used to be a very effective way to communicate over long distances, but these days with the invention of smart phones and other devices which help us communicate easily it is becoming more and more obsolete.
You most likely will never use Morse code in the city, but out in the wilderness it could be used for multitudes of fun games for your family and friends.
Below you will find a few suggestions on how you could use Morse code.

Secret Language:
As a young child I used to love learning secret languages with my best friends. The reason being is I could talk in front of others and no one would ever understand a thing. Kids these days haven’t changed and by providing them with a secret language such as the Morse code they are able to not only use flash lights but also write whole letters to one another making it super cool.

Night time signals:
At night time use a torch to spell out different words with Morse code and get others to guess them. A simple game that you can play in complete darkness or even around the fire. Best thing is that by playing this game you will be able to learn Morse code faster and have fun doing so.

How it works
It’s fairly simple when writing Morse code just use dots . and dashes –
When using lights for dots . shine the light for a short period of time (less than a second) and for the dashes – shine the light for a longer period of time (around 1+ seconds)

The alphabet

.-   A     --.  G     --   M     ...  S     -.-- Y
-... B     .... H     -.   N     -    T     --.. Z
-.-. C     ..   I     ---  O     ..-  U   
-..  D     .--- J     .--. P     ...- V   
.    E     -.-  K     --.- Q     .--  W   
..-. F     .-.. L     .-.  R     -..- X


.----  1              -....  6
..---  2              --...  7
...--  3              ---..  8
....-  4              ----.  9
.....  5              -----  0


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