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Mosquito Repellents that will keep away even the most stubborn Mozzies

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We all know this, Mosquitoes are a pain in the ass. There are no if’s or but’s about it, they suck (pun intended). If they aren’t swarming you when you are hanging out having a cool beverage while fishing, then they are attacking you while you are just about to go to sleep. Worst of all they seem to always hover above your head for minutes at a time before flying into your ear at which point you release your inner ninja and try chop them up in half while in mid air.
You wake up in the morning with what seems like hundreds of bumps and lumps all over your body. At times making you think “how did they manage to even bite me there”.

Well It’s time for us humans to stand up to them pesky little mosquitoes and show them who is boss.
Below you will find some of the most radical, most effective and even at times crazy ways to show those little F…liers who is boss.

Mosquito repellents

So there are many types of repellents, some that are commercially made and others that are natural. At the moment DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide) which was invented by the US army is the most powerful man made mosquito repellent available on the market.
There have been recent studies that state that prolonged use of DEET can cause brain cells to die in animals.
In saying that why use it when there are so many natural alternatives. And with that let me introduce to you the top 3 Natural mosquito repellents you can make up yourself right away.

1. CatnipMosquito repellent #mendooutdoors

Love cats? Yeah I thought so, well believe it or not catnip is super powerful when it comes to repelling mosquito’s. In fact in comparison to DEET it is actually x10 more powerful. All you have to do is rub the Catnip oil on your skin and viola the mozzie’s go away and to make things even better, cats will absolutely adore you. Meow (image will take you to Amazon)

2. Neem Oil
Mosquito repellent #mendooutdoorsAnother powerful mosquito repellent which is again more powerful than DEET. It’s as if DEET isn’t to crash hot after all. Well either way this affordable oil is not only good at keeping mosquito’s away, it is also really good for your skin. Look more beautiful and keep mozzies away… How can you go wrong with that sort of a combination.

3. Soy Bean Oil

Mosquito repellent #mendooutdoors

I Haven’t heard much about soy bean oil before besides it being just as effective as DEET at repelling mosquito’s. After some additional research I also found out that soybean oil is also really good at moisturizing your skin and for the more hairy kind of people it can even help with slowing down hair growth. So keep that away from your beards at all times fellas.

Either way there are plenty of amazing products out there that are not only 100% natural but also have multiple benefits. There is really no need to test out the if DEET actually does kill brain cells with products like these. Best of all they all seem to be around the same price as a majority of the mosquito repellents out there so really there is nothing to lose here.

If you enjoyed this post make sure to share it and comment below if you have any mosquito repellents that you know are even more powerful than the ones I mentioned.

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Featured Image: John Tann

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