Drone Fails

The Noisy Drone Demise Compilation Video We Have All Been Waiting For

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What’s better than watching a drone take some amazing footage? A drone crashing and recording the crash at the same time.

Now that is some footage that I can definitely get behind.

drone fails MonkeyAs drones become more and more popular and everyone seems to be on the bandwagon to get one (including me) there is a growing amount of drone crash footage appearing online.

Being someone that has crashed multiple times and even lost one of my drones I sympathize with everyone who goes through the ordeal. It is definitely painful and it ruins your day, or as in my case my holiday.

The thrill of flying a drone is fun, and looking through the screen to see the world from a whole new perspective is literally mind blowing.

In saying that I also find that the crash footage is actually amazing and can be more interesting than the flight themselves. So here is a video I came across which has a compilation of the best drone fails at the moment.

Do you have a drone? have you crashed it? Did your heart race 1000miles/hr when it happened. Let me know in the comments below and if you have the footage of your drone crashing make sure to insert a link to it.

Additionally, make sure to share this post so other’s can get a bit of enjoyment of watching the noisy hover camera’s get faced with what in most cases seems like their demise.


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