Micheal Drysch 75000 half time winner

Picture this, one shot, you get it, you make $75,000 you miss, you go home with zero.

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If you had one chance to win $75,000 with a simple throw of the ball how would you celebrate after making the shot and winning?

For one lucky man, he had the opportunity to find out exactly how he would celebrate. His throw and celebration have become viral and now everyone is celebrating with him via the internet.


Michael Dysch winning 75000

Michael Drysch is the half shot contestant who was the lucky man who was selected and under all the pressure he definitely did not disappoint and best of all his throw was so casual.

After the shot, he got tackled by no other than James Lebron, which was a win in itself.

Congratulations to Michael Drysch and wishing him best of luck with the 75g’s that he scored from one of the most nerve-racking¬†moments of his life.


Featured image: dailymail

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