So we all want to be the next big thing in some cool extreme sport but sometimes we don’t have the time to show off our skills.

So, in that case, why not recommend someone that is exceptionally good.

We are searching for people to feature an interview and if you have a friend or person in mind that you think would fit on Men Do Outdoors then make sure to let us know

Some criteria to take into consideration before recommending

  • The person has to be a Man (duh!)
  • has to have an active page (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook etc.) with them doing cool outdoors activities¬†(snowboarding, hiking, kayaking etc.)

And that is pretty much it.

Fill out the details below so we can reach out to him.

Also make sure to let him know that we will be contacting them so that they don’t just think we are spammers.

Recommend your buddy