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Santa Cruz asks Danny MacAskill to test their new Carbon Fibre Wheels to their LIMIT!!!

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Not much to say except check out the video below with Danny MacAskill laying out a ton of punishment on these new Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon Wheels. 

Santa Cruz is launching a new bike wheel made completely out of carbon fibre and as any sane company out there, they asked a pro Trials cyclist, Danny MacAskill to test out their product to its limits.

Let’s just say Danny had no problem with this request.

As displayed in the video he really doesn’t hold back and it’s actually incredible to see how much punishment the new wheels can take.

This video is perfect proof that Carbon Fibre is far from weaker or brittle than the next best wheels which are made out of aluminium. In fact, it blows that whole myth out of the water.

Imagine the new possibilities, with lighter bikes which are stronger, cyclists will be able to really push their limits to new heights. As with every advancement in technology in the extreme sports sectors we are definitely looking forward to some new footage from doing just that, pushing their limits.

The only thing I can imagine these days stopping people from investing in these tyres is the actual price as they retail around the $1500 USD mark.

For those that have an endless wallet check out the full rundown on these wheels.

— 29-inch wheels in three internal widths: 25, 27 and 30 millimetres
— 27.5-inch wheels in 27 and 30 millimetres
— 3.5-millimeter-thick rim beads
— 28-spoke, 3x lacing
— DT Swiss Competition Race double-butted spokes
— Available with DT Swiss 350 or Industry 9 Torch hubs
— Sapim Alloy Secure Lock Nipples
— External nipple access for easy servicing
— Lifetime Warranty

What are your thoughts on Carbon Fibre wheels? Would you be interested in getting some for your bike? Reply in the comments below and make sure to share this article with others.


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