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Best Snowboard Sizing and Binding Tips

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It may sound obvious, but snowboards are a pretty important weapon in a snowboarder’s arsenal. After all, without them, you’re just a guy standing on some snow. There’s a bunch of important stuff you need to know in order to choose the best board for you, and this guide is going to help you do just that. Snowboard sizing and binding are the two most important factors in selecting your board, so here’s a little info on both of these things.

Snowboard sizing

Many inexperienced snowboarders are so eager to get out on the slopes that they don’t spend enough time figuring out what size their board should be. Snowboard sizing is such a key part of the snowboarding process, and it’s vital that you make sure you pick a suitable board for both your size and your needs.

There’s a couple of things you need to think of in choosing the right size board. Firstly, how big are you? Pretty obvious, and pretty relevant to all board sports. The common perception is to use a board that, when standing, reaches somewhere between your chin and your nose, but obviously your weight comes in to play as well. If you’re as skinny as a rake you might want to err on the smaller side, while bigger fellas will probably prefer bigger boards.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of info out there about snowboard sizing relative to your own size. Chuck ‘snowboard sizing’ into Google, and you’ll have hundreds of board size calculators at your disposal. Easy. Unfortunately, those that rely purely on your size can’t be taken as gospel, because there’s another couple of things you need to factor in; your skill level, and your riding style.

Clearly, not all boards ride the same. Longer boards tend to be more stable – good for snowboarding beginners – but also more easily gather speed, and don’t turn as well as a shorter board. In contrast, these shorter boards will be pretty maneuverable, but lose out a little on stability.

Beginners usually like to use medium length boards, as they offer an element of stability while also providing the rider with an ability to develop their turning skills. Jibbers like shorter boards, as they’re easier to maneuver around, while those who like to traverse entire mountains might prefer something a little longer.

Whatever ability level you may be, whatever your riding style, and whatever your size, there’s plenty of boards out there. Before you invest any money in them though, make sure you find one which is going to allow you to do what you want to do.

Mens Snowboard sizing Table

Mens Snowboard sizing


Snowboard Binding

Snowboard Bindings

The Snowboard binding provides the connection between your legs, body, and the board itself, as such choosing the right size, is hugely important. Firstly, they need to fit your boots – pretty obvious. They also need to be a size match for your board though, meaning you’ve got a couple of things to think about.

There are plenty of sizing charts to match up your boot size with your binding, but unfortunately, the snowboarding industry is not immune to the seemingly ubiquitous problem of different brands having different sizing. A small in one brand may be a medium in another, meaning the best way for you to ensure your binding fits your boot is to try them on. Generally though, if you have a pretty normal sized foot you shouldn’t have a problem getting the size right – it’s more those who have abnormally big or little feet who need to be careful.

Next up, make sure the binding fits your board. This is obvious if you think about it. Picture bindings which are too big; they are inevitably going to be hanging off the edges of the board. Not good. You’ll fall, so make sure they aren’t too big. On the other hand, if they’re too small you won’t be able to put as much pressure on the board’s edges, making it harder to turn.

Given the bindings need to fit both the boot and the board, you would be correct to suggest that if your boots fit your board, the right size binding will fit both. The three are all interdependent, and if you get these right you’ll find it a whole lot easier to do what you want on your board.

In the end, if you are a snowboarding beginner, you will find that going to a store and trying out all the gear and asking knowledgeable storekeepers will be the best option for you. Once you get an idea next time you purchase gear you will be able to pick out the right stuff nice and quickly.

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