Speed Climbing to be part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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Imagine this, you’re standing at the bottom of a 15min wall, a small beep signals the start of the race, 7 seconds later it’s all over and you either go on to vs another competitor or go home.

Source: https://www.chamonet.com/events/calendar/world-climbing-championships-chamonix

That is the world of speed climbing and it has just been introduced as one of five new Olympic sports in Tokyo 2020. With a total of 20 men and 20 female athletes which will grace the worlds biggest stadium, we are sure to enjoy some nail-biting competition.


Each competition taking less than 7 seconds, it is considered the fastest Olympic Sport. With the fastest time so far held by Iranian speed climber Reza Alipourshenazandifar who reached the top of the wall in 5.48 seconds.
During 2016 Speed climbing World Championships Marcin Dzienski from Poland took out the top honour with a time of 5.83 and Anna Tsyganova from Russia (7.52 seconds).


The wall itself is a standardized wall, which is 15m high, slightly overhanging with identical holds with a difficulty rating of F6b. This is a level that most recreational climbers could complete. Also, it’s a top belay system.
To complete a run up the wall you either can manually time yourself or strike a switch at the top.

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