Survival Skills

8 Survival Skills that you have to learn while Camping

Posted by - March 8, 2016

Most people who brave outdoors will never find themselves in a survival situation where one wrong decision is the matter between life and death.  Most of those who decide to go camping, hiking, or climbing know exactly what their plans are, their own abilities, and are adequately prepared for their trip.  Unfortunately, those that find

Build a Fire

The Simplest way to Build a Camp Fire

Posted by - February 16, 2016

Knowing how to build a reliable fire is one of the most crucial techniques necessary to survival situations.  It may seem like a simple task: all you have to do is gather some sticks and use a match, just like you’ve seen in movies.  Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy.  Wasting valuable energy trying to make

fire starters

7 Fire Starters that will make you a Fire God at your next Camp

Posted by - June 10, 2015

Nothing better than arriving at your camp, setting up and finishing off the day with a roaring hot fire complimented by marshmallows and beers. Unfortunately, sometimes it can get really difficult to light a fire because the wood could be wet or there could also be a possibility that you are setting up a fire