Thomas Feurstein (Snowboarder) - Featured Profile

Snowboarding – Thomas Feurstein – Featured Profile

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Today I have the pleasure of interviewing someone who absolutely shreds in a sport that I love. This person is Thomas Feurstein otherwise known as Fuego and the sport is Snowboarding.

On top of that, he is a Professional stuntman who during his downtime engages in Skate-& Longboarding, Mountain-& Downhill biking, Hiking, Climbing. Real chill dude and has some great tips for beginners in the sport.



Tell us about yourself

In the year of 1991 I was born in Schruns (Montafon). Montafon is located in the snowy Austrian Alps, it was great to grow up here and I still enjoy living here. It‘s a natural playground for nature-loving adrenalin junkies.

After finishing at a business school in Bludenz I was ready to live my life as a professional snowboarder – since then my snowboard is always with me. Only in summertime does my board get a short rest.

Thomas Feurstein Snowboarding

I am using the snowless months to prepare and organize ideas for the winter and perform different stunts for tv and commercials.

What outdoor activity do you do? 

Snowboarding, Skate-& Longboarding, Mountain-& Downhill biking, Hiking, Climbing

What’s your favorite trick? 

Bs Air and Fs 360

What’s your favorite location and why? 

Definitely Silvretta Montafon. I just really like the steep and easily accessible backcountry there and the gondola is only three walking minutes away from my home – that’s a big plus as well 🙂

What’s your most memorable moment? 

The last few years snowboarding gave me so many good memories and positive feelings – hard to tell which one was the best, I was definitely hyped at those moments:

– 2nd place at my first Freeride World Tour contest
– Finishing my video project „Catch me if you can“ with a jump in a moving chairlift
– Riding straight out of a little avalanche
– Every time when fresh snow is coming

If someone would be interested in doing your sport, what would you recommend for them to do to get the most out of it? 

Have fun while riding

stay motivated and just ride as much as you can! In the summertime, I would recommend doing some boardsports as well, for example, Skate/Longboarding, Surfing, Wakeboarding…

Snowboarding can be super exhausting, to keep your energy level high I recommend a good sleep the day before and healthy Vegan diet all year.

Anything else you would like to add? 

Keep the mountains clean and enjoy riding 🙂 - Thomas Feustein (Fuego) #mendooutdoors #snowboarding #men Click To Tweet


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