Toddlers snowboarding

Toddlers that Shred the Slopes Snowboarding

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In most instances they might be annoying, slowly making their way down the mountains, obstructing everyone and crying when they fall over but there is something really cute about toddlers snowboarding and shredding up the mountain.

Here is a look at some of the toddlers that start their skiing and snowboarding journeys early. Who knows with such an early start they might one day make it into the big leagues.

With dreams of snowboarding since I was a young lad, I am kind of envious of these young individuals who have gotten the chance to be pretty much born into it.

Not only is it a great sport, but in my opinion, it’s a great way for families to connect. Teaching the kids new tricks, letting them go crazy in the snow and giving them the necessary skills in snowboarding and skiing to become champions when they grow up.

Nice work to the parents for putting up with what I can imagine was hours of tears from the many knocks that the kids would have suffered.


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But I think that there is one thing for sure. There is nothing worse than seeing a toddler shred better than yourself. Especially if you have put in the hard yards and got flogged a ton in the meantime.

But if you are a beginner and want to get some tips check out these articles about snowboarding gear and how to fall while snowboarding

What are your thoughts? are you a fan of children snowboarding past you like little pro’s? Have you got a child of your own that you would like to show off with?

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