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Websites you should check out before you begin planning your trips overseas

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Over the years while traveling I have done a lot of online research to help me become more proficient at traveling. I bookmarked plenty of websites but as I gathered more and more experience from my own personal travels I began deleting pages, forums and blogs because they no longer helped me out and/or better alternatives came out.
Below I have written out a list of the websites I still use even today to enhance my travel experiences.


Trip Advisor
One of the most popular online websites when it comes to reviews for many attractions, hotels, hostels. I always check it out to plan out stays in popular towns to see what the best attractions are. It’s also a great place to get in touch with people who share similar interests with you. A all in one place to get plenty of great resources. Best of all you can download apps on your phone and/or tablet to use them offline which provide you information and walking tours which is awesome.


Google Maps
Google maps is just so easy to use and best of all its free and available offline. You can map
your trips you can navigate from your phone and also get points of interest and reviews for attractions and places.


When it comes to flights the first place I will check out is Kayak.com. it’s super easy to use and in most cases, it will have the cheapest options when it comes to flights. Best of all it has multi city options and a flight price tracker which gives you suggestions on when you should buy your tickets.

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My second favorite website for flights is Momondo.com. Again super easy to use and I usually
compare the flights between one and the other. One thing I really like about Momondo is that it shows the prices for return flights a week or so on either side of the flights you are after.


Wandering Earl
This guy is a true Nomad, he has traveled for countless years and the amount of knowledge and experience he has is huge. He knows his stuff and his ebooks are super informative and have helped me in my travels as well. Best of all he really likes communicating with his followers and in many instances will answer any questions you might have about your travels.


Just recently I came across Quora which is a website on which you ask questions and have thousands of other people there that are likely to be able to answer your questions. I have seen questions relating to flights, best places to travel, which insurances to purchase and so on. Literally a treasure trove of information and best of all you can join in on conversations and contribute as well.


Reddit can be difficult to navigate, I know when I first started I was so confused but once you get your way around it (use the search bar) then you can find tons upon tons of useful information. Again you can ask questions and the helpful community will usually be there to help you out. They are really nice and as long as you don’t begin spamming things you will find that everyone is helpful.


This website is my dream creator. You go on it spend hours upon hours searching it and come up
with some great plans on things to do. You can literally go travel the world experience new things and all in exchange for helping out on a farm, looking out for a few kids, pets etc. for a few hours a day.



Strapped for cash, want to meet some new people in the countries you visit. Then sign up to this website, so that you can hang out with locals in their own homes. Great way to socialize and in most cases you will get a bed and your own room. Best of all the locals know all the cool spots around town and can show you around. In return maybe cook them a meal, buy them drinks and be super friendly


Vacations to Go
I never was a person that would take into consideration cruises, I always thought that they would be to expensive so I never really bothered with them. Then this website came along and provides huge discounts on many of the cruises around the world. We aren’t talking 10-20% off in some cases you can snag a 90% off discount. Which is huge.


Last but not least, if you are a social person and like to travel with others than this website is for you. You can meet people, share experiences and best of all tag along on others adventures. Literally, what could be better?


This is my list of the most useful websites for traveling. have you got any suggestions of your own? Add them in the comments below.
Thanks for reading

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